Plus a healthy smile +

H-plus (H) Yangji Hospital is a general hospital which is situated in Seoul holding 350 beds.

H-plus (H+) H for Yangji Hospital, signifies Hope, Humanity, and Healing. The hospital’s mission is to give hope to its patients and the world. Treatment is provided with warmth, respect and dignity. The + (plus) means “to add, signifying the togetherness”. By the root of this conviction, Yang Ji Hospital has been making great advances in medical and health treatment in South Korea.

We guarantee that we give the best medical treatment and the highest standard of medical services possible for everyone who visit Yang-Ji Hospital.

Yang-Ji hospital (H+) has gained much public respect and trust marking a new era in this industry.
We hope to become a trusted friend when you are in need of medical services.
We wish yougood health.

  • Chief Director: Cheol Su Kim
  • Hospital Director: Sang-il Kim
  • Duty Director: Lin Jang
Chief Director Cheol Su Kim
Hospital Director Sang-il Kim
Location 1636, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanakgu, Seoul, South Korea
Size Area 6,800㎡ / 350Bed
Major Medical Centers Digestive Medicine Center / Uterine MyomaCenter / Spine, Bone & Joint Center / Comprehensive Cancer Center / Health Promotion Center