International Medical Center

"Come be our friends" / “We are friends"

This is the slogan for H Plus Yangji hospital International Healthcare center with the desire to become your friend.
This slogan hopes to instill the idea of providing exellent quality medical service filled with warmth of humanity for all who visit Yangji hospital.

we perform free medical treatment and give consultation to foreigners residing in Korea.
Medical staffs from Mongolia and Russia visit us to cooperate with medical treatment.

Currently Medical staff from all over the world visit us to share and exchange academic and experiences.

We make MOU agreements with foreign hospitals to work towards mutual cooperation.

IHC is located in the main building on the 3rd floor. We have a private waiting room at the center with medical coordinators who can communicate with patients. (including English, Mogolian and Chinese)

We offer one-stop service to help international patients with medical appointments, consultation, payments, examinations, and follow-up care in comprehensive form for their convenience.

We also offer customized service for patients by furnishing private patient rooms equipped with satellite broadcasting with comforts of home.

  • Press release (Dona-A news paper)
  • Leaflet link (Mongolia, Russian, English, Chinese)
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  • TEL : +82) 070-4665-9003