Digestive Medicine Center


The digestive medicine center treats disease of the digestive system. This includes disease of the throat, stomach, large intestine, liver, and hepatobiliary system. The center is dedicated to ongoing education and research into the treatment of digestive disease.

The medical field

Reflux esophagitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer/duodenal ulcer stomach cancer, polyps, colorectal cancer, and colon polyps.

An endoscope, early cancer resection (EMR, EST), hepatitis, cirrhosis, early liver cancer (TACE), cholecystitis, gallstone, gallbladder polyp, pancreatitis, andpancreatic cancer.

ERCP, Crohn’s disease (enteritis), constipation/diarrhea, hypersensitive colitis.

Feature of digestive medicine center

Division of gastroenterology, surgical treatment, interventional center, department of pathology.

Comprehensive and collaborative medical treatment center and on the day medical treatment.

The latest endoscopic equipment, ultrasonic equipment and on the day medical treatment.