Uterine Myoma Center


Uterine Myoma Center is designed for women. Its main purpose is for early detection, intervention, and prevention of women’s health related diseases. It deals with anything associated with woman’s health such as gynecological care.

The medical field

women’s health related diseases and treatment.

Reproductive endocrinology, precision ultrasound, menopause, gynecological endoscopic operation, gynecologic cancer, cervical cancer, urinary gynecological disorders of menstruation, menstrual pain, menstrual irregularity, climacteriu

Feature of Uterine Myoma Center

Specialists for women, scrupulous care, endocrine physician, interventional radiology center.

Uterine myomatreatment as part of the interventional radiology center.

fast recovery and minimally invasiveendoscopic surgery.

menopause/climacterium and female hormone therapy.